January 23, 2015

Re: ‘Deflategate’

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Given the team involved and their history, I certainly understand the suspicions.

But the following quote made me entertain another possibility I have heard no one bring up:

“I did not believe what (New England Patriots quarterback) Tom (Brady) had to say. Those balls were deflated. Somebody had to do it, and I don’t believe there’s an equipment manager in the NFL who, on his own initiative, would deflate a ball without his starting quarterback’s approval,” (former NFL quarterback Mark) Brunell said.

Well, what would cause an equipment manager to do such a thing — something he knows is against the rules but would benefit his team’s quarterback — “on his own initiative”?

Hint: It’s green, and it would come from people who would financially benefit from the Patriots beating the Colts by more than the point spread.

This could hurt the NFL the way the Black Sox Scandal hurt baseball 95 years ago.

Maybe the reason no one is mentioning what I believe is a pretty clear possibility is that they’ve been told not to.

January 19, 2015

@Sierra Marlee Won Twitter Twice Last Week

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January 11 and January 12, the former with the help of @haff_j:


January 4, 2015


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ESPN’s Stuart Scott.

November 25, 2014

Ferguson: No Guard Presence

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So, naturally, there’s looting, fires, and mayhem. Gateway Pundit is, as would be expected all over the ongoing outrages.

Thanks, Governor Nixon.


UPDATE, 7:10 a.m.: Gateway Pundit“Ferguson Mayor Called For National Guard – REQUESTS WERE IGNORED!”

UPDATE 2, 5:25 p.m.: “Missouri governor orders 2,200 Guard troops to Ferguson”

The correct headline would be: “Nixon tries to save his sorry a** by overcompensating”

November 8, 2014

Saturday Night Music Video: ‘In America’

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Awesome, seemingly effortless musicianship, great and hopeful message, and perhaps a harbinger of things to come, thanks to Tuesday election results:

October 20, 2014

‘It Matters’ Is Now Available on iTunes and at CDBaby.com (See Update)

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(This post originally appeared on Saturday, and has been forwarded to today.)

“It Matters,” the “get informed, get involved, and vote” video K-T Live released on YouTube on Tuesday, is now available for purchase on iTunes and at CDbaby.com.

At iTunes Store, type “It Matters K-T Live” in the search box and the song should appear as number 1 or 2 in the results.

Here’s the direct link to the song at CDbaby.com.

Thanks to local blues legend Sonny Moorman for suggesting CDbaby.com, whose reasonably intuitive site and helpful support people helped expedite availability at both their home site and iTunes.

This, of course, presents the opportunity to re-post the video, which I will gladly take:


UPDATE: Here’s the reason why “It Matters” will resonate with the vast majority of those who listen to it —


Previous Post:
- Oct. 14 — Yours Truly’s “Get Involved” Video: “It Matters”

October 4, 2014

It’s October 4; Welcome to Snowhio

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Yes, there are isolated reports of snowflakes emanating from various parts of the Buckeye State:

“Still, don’t be surprised to see a flake fall from a dark gray cloud sometime Saturday afternoon.”

Various Facebookers are reporting sightings.

Don’t know about others, but yours truly is not in the mood for a repeat of last winter.

UPDATE: From Northeast Ohio — “Mother Nature’s reality check: Lake effect rain, wet snow flakes”

April 23, 2014

Positivity: Meb Wins Boston Marathon, Honors Those Who Died Last Year

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Way to go!


Understandably lost in the coverage of Meb’s remembrance of those who died last year is the fact that, at age 38, he is the oldest Boston winner since 1930. A marathoner winning any of the major world marathons at that age is a phenomenal achievement.

On a more nationalistic tone, Meb is the first U.S. winner since 1983.


ALSO: The best revenge

Why Nike dropped me: Boston Marathon winner

Boston Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi says he lost his running shoe deal with Nike three years ago because of his age.

The 38-year-old distance runner signed a new shoe deal three years ago with Skechers, a footwear company more known for casual “lifestyle” shoes than hard-core running gear, after Nike dropped Keflezighi from its endorsement roster.

During an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, Keflezighi said his deal with Skechers has boosted his career and helped his running mechanics.

“I’m almost 39 years old and Nike thought I was probably too old,” Keflezighi said on “Squawk on the Street.” “And with the Skechers partnership, things have been going really well.”

March 29, 2014


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Noel Sheppard.

You will be already are missed.

March 8, 2014

Obama Lack (Ability to Spell) ‘Respect’

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Aretha Franklin’s song even spells it for him:

Dan Quayle, call your office.

March 3, 2014

Intrepid Reporter Gets Blasted by Plowed Snow, Carries On

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Nice job:

Better you than me, pal.

February 11, 2014

A Comment on Comments

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My spamcatcher does a great job, but until now I’ve always reviewed captured comments to see if a legitimate one got flagged. Maybe once a month I find one I need to pull out of spam.

Overnight, I got over 400 spam comments. I suspect that frequency might continue.

I’m not going to review that many comments at a time.

So, in case that level of spam continues, I regretfully need to advise readers to do the following to make sure their comments don’t get flagged: 1) Keep it fairly short; 2) Don’t include more than one link; 3) Keep it clean.

February 5, 2014

RIP, Barry Rubin

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Tributes and thoughts from his PJ Media colleagues:

Rubin’s outstanding PJ Media archive is here.

UPDATE, Feb. 6: Claudia Rosett’s tribute.

February 1, 2014

Mark Garbett Updates

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Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion has two updates on the condition of pioneering blogger Mark Garbett, who was seriously hurt in a Christmas evening auto accident (previous posts here, here and here):

1/24/14 UPDATE: Mark’s Grandma:

Mark JR. is still doing well. The plan is to move him to Drake Hospital next week. … The Lord is Good.

1/31/14 UPDATE: Mark’s Grandma:

Mark Jr. was doing better today. His temp is down around 99. I pray it holds around there. They decided it was an infected pic that caused the infection. If things hold steady, he MAY move to Drake Monday. Physical therapy was working with him and he could lift his arms from flat on the bed up to his head. It was so exciting to see him do that!

Please keep Mark and his family in your prayers.

January 1, 2014

Tom Blumer: A Brief Writing Career Compilation

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(Latest Update: May 14, 2014)

Thomas W. Blumer
8251 Arbor Square Drive, #103
Mason, OH 45040
513-336-7121; Wireless 513-260-4494

I have been a contributor at NewsBusters since December 2005, and have been writing columns for PJ Media since early 2008. I have also had my own blog, BizzyBlog, since early 2005, have had stints with Watchdog.org and FrontPageMag.com, and have been an occasional columnist at The Fiscal Times.

I have had my work published in the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal.

I have had two NewsBusters posts linked by Matt Drudge, one in November 2012 and the other in August 2013. The latter involved AP’s cover-up of President Obama’s “Gulf ports” gaffe in early August 2013.

My September 25, 2013 column at PJ Media on Obamacare’s “Wedding Tax” was linked by Drudge for roughly 16 hours.

I have had at least a half-dozen of my NewsBusters posts linked by Rush Limbaugh during the past few years. He named me personally in discussing one of them in June 2012.

Limbaugh also made one of my PJ Media columns the starting point for the cover story in his March 2012 Limbaugh Letter.

Additionally, I am the person:

  • Whose work on Jeremiah Wright and his church bulletins was referenced by Hillary Clinton in her April 2008 debate with Barack Obama.
  • Who found in 2008 that presidential candidate Obama was a favorite cover topic of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trumpet Newsmagazine.
  • Who in 2009 exposed how ACORN’s supposedly extensive claims to have helped so many poor people really proved that they had done very little.
  • Who in early 2006 stopped a nascent campaign to tie coal miners’ deaths to supposedly lax safety regulation under George W. Bush before it could get started.
  • Who has consistently exposed the “Food Stamp Challenge” as a fundamentally dishonest exercise for seven years.

I have also been interviewed dozens of times on radio by at least a dozen different talk show hosts.

Recent comments:

  • “Best article I’ve seen on Common Core & how/why it’s resonating w/ voters.” (article link) — Richard G. Combs, May 2014
  • “Excellent analysis, Tom.” (article link) — Paul Bolyard at PJ Media, April 2014
  • “Excellent summary of Obama’s lawlessness and what led to it.” (article link) — PJ Media commenter, February 2014
  • “Tom Blumer has been doing yeoman’s work investigating the true economic and tax implications of Obamacare.” (article link) — Leading conservative blogger Doug Ross, September 2013

Business experience:

  • (Concurrent with writing career) Seven years in retail positions, primarily with third-party marketing firms, selling technology devices (printers, scanners, mobile phones, projectors, home theater, tablets, computers) and accessories.
  • Over two decades as owner of a training and development company presenting employer-sponsored workshops on personal finance (money management, retirement, and investing).
  • 3-1/2 years as the controller of a $30 million privately held manufacturing company.
  • 8-1/2 with an international accounting firm — 1-1/2 years in entrepreneurial services, 1-1/2 years in national training and development, and 5-1/2 years in auditing (with some tax season individual tax work).
  • 2 years with a local accounting firm.