April 19, 2014

Sign, Signs … A $17 an Hour Sign?

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Here’s one:


Wow, that’s impressive. Guess where it was found:


Huh? Walmart? Yep:


It’s very safe to say that $17 an hour to work at Walmart is a higher rate than virtually “any” city outside of North Dakota, not just “many.”

Some takeaways:

  • There’s opportunity for those whose personal circumstances allow it to better themselves simply by moving. Those who live in a high-unemployment area who could move without personal consequence and don’t really have no right to complain. If Wal-Mart’s paying $17 an hour, imagine what you can make at skilled jobs in North Dakota. (Yes, the cost of living in North Dakota has shot up, but don’t even try to argue that it’s twice that seen in other states.)
  • The law of supply and demand works. If there’s a shortage of workers, employers have to pay more to get them.
  • The law of supply and demand works in the other direction too. If Congress grants amnesty to millions of workers already here, and each of them therefore gets to bring in relatives, and more illegal immigrants arrive in anticipation of the next amnesty, wages will be stay low or go lower. The Wall Street Journal and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce may like that, and the Democratic Party may like the electoral majorities such a move will almost certainly guarantee, but the average American worker’s standard of living will deteriorate even more than we’ve seen already during six years of slack economic conditions.
March 31, 2014

Will AP, Which Covered Group Protesting ‘Higher’ Deportations, Note CIS Study Of Illegal-Immigrant Criminals Released?

Two weeks ago, Nicholas Riccardi at the Associated Press basically gave an open mic to immigration amnesty groups who pretend to believe that the Obama administration has been deporting more immigrants who are here illegally per year than previous administrations did. Some of the groups involved are moving to disruptive tactics which look more like attempts at mob rule than those employed in a civil society.

Today, several center-right news outlets and blogs are reporting that the Center for Immigration Studies has reviewed information recently released by Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm. Unsurprisingly, CIS has found far more laxness in deportation efforts. But what may surprise many, and what should be reported by AP and other establishment press outlets if they have any consistency and integrity, is how nonchalant the administration has been in releasing hardened criminals onto America’s streets. Stephen Dinan at the Washington Times appears to have been the first to report on situation on Sunday:


February 26, 2014

At AP, Fla. GOP Candidate’s 1989 Accident Deserves National Coverage; Dem’s Immigrant Stereotyping on Tuesday Doesn’t

Double standards in the establishment press’s treatment of Republican and Democrat politicians is an unfortunate reality. Evidence that it’s getting worse — to the point of begging the question, “At long last, have you no shame?” — can be seen in the disparate treatment of Florida’s two major-party March 11 congressional special election candidates, Republican David Jolly and Democrat Alex Sink.

At the Associated Press, it is headline-making national news, via reporter Tamara Lush, that Jolly “was not charged and not at fault in a 1989 car crash in which he fatally struck a pedestrian, according to a Florida Highway Patrol report.” Again: “NOT at fault.” Meanwhile, it is not news at AP’s national site that less than 30 hours ago, Sink, in a televised debate, resorted to offensive stereotyping in advocating changes in immigration law when she asked, “Where are you going to get people to work to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping?” Excerpts from Townhall.com’s story, plus a video containing Sink’s statement, follow the jump.


February 13, 2014

Is It Over, and We Just Don’t Know It?

Have we lost our Founders’ government?


This column went up at PJ Media on Monday evening and was teased here at BizzyBlog on Tuesday.


Historians have a tough time agreeing on many of the turning points in ancient history.

One of them, in light of events during the past several years and the tone of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address a week ago, seems particularly relevant. That’s the question of precisely when one could say that the Roman Republic ended:

… (The republic) began with the overthrow of the Roman monarchy, c. 509 BC, and lasted over 450 years.

Towards the end of the period a selection of Roman leaders came to so dominate the political arena that they exceeded the limitations of the Republic as a matter of course. Historians have variously proposed the appointment of Julius Caesar as perpetual dictator in 44 BC, the defeat of Mark Antony at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC, and the Roman Senate’s grant of extraordinary powers to Octavian (Augustus) under the first settlement in 27 BC, as candidates for the defining pivotal event ending the Republic.

There’s little doubt that the United States of America has reached a point where, relatively unhampered by legislative or judicial barriers, its President and his bureaucracy exceed the limits of the nation’s Constitution “as a matter of course.” They in turn are quietly but effectively under the control of our “independent” central bank.

Decades from now, it’s possible that historians will look back and conclude that the American experiment, which began with its declaration of independence from and defeat of Great Britain, ended sometime between 1999 and 2014. As with Rome, the pivotal event isn’t obvious, and the list which follows isn’t all-inclusive.

The failure by the U.S. Senate to convict Bill Clinton after his impeachment by the House was the first signal that the rule of law might not matter any more. These days, the law seems to be whatever Barack Obama and Eric Holder want it to be.

President George W. Bush’s formation of the mammoth Homeland Security Department and mission creep at the National Security Agency after the 9/11 terrorist attacks consolidated awesome and disturbing powers in very few hands. Now both outfits are out-of-control monsters.

The 2007-2008 crackup in housing and mortgage lending would be a leading candidate for the pivotal moment prize if one believes that it was the result of decades of conscious effort. Evidence that it was, including the Community Reinvestment Act and HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo’s 1990s housing discrimination directives, both of which forced banks to make loans to vast numbers of borrowers who couldn’t repay, is compelling. Compounding the problem, government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac “routinely misrepresented” the quality of both the mortgages they packaged for the securities markets and those they kept on their own books for 15 years. The amounts involved were in the trillions of dollars.

It would have been painful in the short-term, but the nation’s economy would likely have recovered, as it always previously had, from that Cloward Piven-like attempt to collapse the system if a frightened George W. Bush administration, opportunistic Congress, and conflicted Federal Reserve hadn’t intervened in the fall of 2008. But they did, and heavy-handedly. Congress passed TARP, despite citizens’ overwhelming opposition. Bush’s Treasury Department then used it to “put a gun to the head” of big-bank CEOs, forcing them to accept government “investment” and de facto control, which the Dodd-Frank legislation solidified two years later.

All the while, the Fed engaged in a massive, undisclosed bailout of domestic and even foreign banks, followed by what became known as “quantitative easing.” $4.1 trillion later, our central bank’s tiny cadre of suits and skirts now has the ability to almost instantly send the economy into a tailspin any time they see federal government policies or actions they don’t like. Don’t think for a minute that the three branches which nominally run our government don’t know this.

Historians may conclude that the presidential election of 2012 was the last chance to undo the authoritarian encroachment, Pervasive Obama administration harassment of political opponents by its Internal Revenue Service, serial lying about the September’s Benghazi terrorist attack, and the mother of all 21st century lies — “If you like your health care plan, doctor, medical provider, and drug regimen, you can keep them” — inarguably delegitimized its result.

Things have now gotten so out of hand that a president consumed with arrogance can go in front of his nation and tell it that he plans to exceed his constitutional authority — get a standing ovation from the same people who said they were scared to death of “the imperial presidency” a decade ago.

Obama acts as if he’s untouchable, and he probably is. Seemingly, there is no level of defiance or incompetence which will lead to serious calls for his removal.

Just days after his State of the Union address, we saw a cocky president comically declare that there’s “not a smidgen of corruption” at the IRS. He then stood by as the agency, in a clearly in-your-face move, handed out millions in bonuses to employees.

A short time later, we learned that the Health and Human Services Department allegedly allowed programmers from Belarus, a country which should be considered an enemy, to be involved in producing the objectively not-secure HealthCare.gov web site supporting Obama’s so-called “signature achievement,” the Affordable Care Act. The intelligence community believes that these programmers may have deliberately installed malware, which “could be used to covertly route data from the Obamacare website to foreign locations.” Since the Obamacare computers have access to a myriad other federal databases, our enemies may literally now have the keys to the kingdom. As of when this column was written, this shocking development had barely made a ripple.

I certainly hope I’m wrong, and I’m not suggesting that we hang our heads and give up. But it sure feels like we are already in the grip of post-constitutional despotism. The best counter-argument right now is that some in Congress have determined that passing laws or even discussing legislation while a lawless president is in office is a pointless exercise. Will enough of them figure that out in time to begin taking the country back? And even if they do, will it make a difference?

February 4, 2014

Mind-Boggling Stats on Illegal Immigrants With Criminal Records the Press Rarely If Ever Publishes

As we head into yet another year wondering whether Washington, meaning President Obama and both political parties, will finally betray the nation and pass some form of illegal-immigrant amnesty, “Machiavelli” at the Virtuous Republic blog reminds us that the argument is about more than depressed wages, “keeping families together,” and (in the misguided minds of Catholic bishops) Christian charity.

Machiavelli went to Immigration and Customs Enforcement records for 2013 and found the following crime-related information the establishment press is extremely reluctant to acknowledge at its main page for removal statistics (bolds are mine):


January 10, 2014

Ray Stevens: ‘Mr. President, Mr. President!’

Humorous indeed, but sadly true (HT Eagle Rising):


REPORTER: Hey Mr. President, Mr. President!
We got record foreclosures, folks are losing their homes,
the banks have got money but they won’t make loans,
the taxes are bringing small business to their knees,
and we owe our soul to the Red Chinese.
Mr. President, Mr. President! What are you going to do?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, I’m going to take off my coat and roll up my sleeves,
turn on the teleprompter and give another speech,
act real cool and talk real soft,
then go out and play another round of golf.
Throw a party at the White House and give a big show,
board Air Force One and away I go,
up to New York, take Michelle to a play,
Then shoot a few hoops and call it a day.

REPORTER: But Mr. President!
We got illegal aliens goin’ ‘cross our borders,
and drug lords committin’ mayhem and disorder,
states are goin’ broke trying to pay their benefits,
bond markets in the toilet, job markets in the pits,
Mr. President, Mr. President! What are you going to do?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Now listen real close, and hear what I say,
never let a good crisis slip away,
you got to look at things out of my window,
what’s bad for America is good for my agenda!

REPORTER: But Mr. President, Mr. President! What are you going to do?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I’m going to take off my coat and roll up my sleeves,
turn on the teleprompter and give another speech,
act real cool and talk real soft,
and then go out and play another round of golf.
Throw a party at the White House and put on a show,
board Air Force One and away I go,
to blame George Bush and his capitalist ways,
Then I’ll shoot a few hoops and call it a day.

September 7, 2013

Live Blogging West Chester Immigration (Anti-Amnesty) Rally

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I went to West Chester for the first hour or so of a Saturday afternoon anti-illegal immigration amnesty rally:

September 4, 2013

Not National Establishment Press News: Longshore Union Leaves AFL-CIO Over Obamacare, Other Disagreements

The AFL-CIO has just lost 40,000 of its most militant members, and it’s not news at the Associated Press’s national site (there is a regional AP story at the Seattle Times) or at the New York Times. It is getting virtually no other establishment press coverage (results at the link are primarily center-right blogs and similar outlets).

The departing members are those in the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. In a three-page letter to AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka, ILWU President Donald McEllrath laid out concerns over picket-line crossings and encroachments by other AFL-CIO affilliates, but also cited Trumka’s “overly moderate, compromising policy positions on such important matters as immigration, labor law reform, health care reform, and international labor issues.” A few paragraphs from AP’s unbylined regional story are after the jump (bolds are mine throughout this post):


August 31, 2013

Columbus OFA Immigration Rally Fizzles; MAIG Rally ‘Becomes Pro-Gun Event’; Columbus Dispatch AWOL

On Thursday morning, the Columbus Dispatch’s Darrel Rowland reported (“Gun battle slated for high noon in downtown Columbus”) that “Mayors Against Illegal Guns is coming to Columbus on Friday for an event urging Sen. Rob Portman to support expanding background checks on gun purchases,” and that “guns rights groups are planning to make their voices heard, too.” There was no follow-up on what happened at the Michael Bloomberg-supported group’s rally; we’ll see why shortly.

Organizing for Action, the group which exists solely to promote President Barack Obama’s agenda, also scheduled a rally to promote illegal-immigrant amnesty in Columbus on Friday. Intrepid center-right blogger Jesse Hathaway reported attendance (HT Twitchy) of perhaps a half-dozen. A search of the first couple of pages (here and here) of results on “immigration” at the Dispatch’s web site returned no relevant coverage (results were not sorted by date, but seemed to generally move backwards in time).

Here’s what deliciously happened at the MAIG rally, as reported by Jim Heath at 10TV.com:

Rally For Gun Background Checks Quickly Becomes Pro-Gun Event


It was a rally organized by gun-control supporters, but by the end, it looked more like an NRA rally.


August 24, 2013

Not News: Obama and Bloomberg Summer Events Spectacularly Fizzling

In advance of a month full of events oriented towards demonstrating displeasure with lawmakers who won’t give carte blanche to President Obama’s healthcare, gun control, “climate change,” and immigration agendas, Organizing for Action Executive Director Jon Carson claimed that “We will own August.” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns also anticipated high levels of support during this months’s “No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence” tour.

It hasn’t happened in either case. If right-wing, tea party, or social conservative efforts fizzled as OFA’s and MAIG’s clearly are, those failures would be making headlines, and shown as proof that support for the related causes is weak. By contrast, the national establishment press is mostly ignoring and in some cases obscuring these left-wing implosions.


August 8, 2013

Positivity: Illinois cardinal defends marriage, decision to defund campaign

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From Chicago:

Aug 1, 2013 / 02:18 pm

Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago, Ill., is defending his decision to cease funding of an immigration organization after it declared support and encouragement for same-sex “marriage.”

The board of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights “broke faith with its member organizations when it publicly supported so called ‘same-sex marriage,’” said Cardinal George in a July 29 statement.

“For its own political advantage, it introduced a matter extraneous to its own purpose and betrayed its own members, who were not consulted.”

In May 2013, the Immigration Coalition published a statement supporting “marriage equality,” saying that “full equality and civic participation should extend to recognition of all families, including those involving same-sex partnerships.”

They stressed the importance of same-sex “marriage” in their mission, saying that recognition of such unions should be extended to “our immigration laws, our family laws, and to other areas of law that affect our families.”

After the publication of this statement, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, an anti-poverty campaign run by the U.S. bishops, cut off all funding for the Immigration Coalition.

Cardinal George said that he did so in order to not betray donors, who “give to this anti-poverty organization with the understanding that their money will be passed on to organizations that respect the teachings of the Catholic faith.”

In an open letter published in the Chicago Tribune on July 29, the Campaign for Human Development was accused of “turning her back on the poor.”

Responding to this letter, Cardinal George stated, “Without betraying its donors or the Catholic faith, the Catholic Church’s long-standing work for immigrant groups and for immigration reform remains intact.”

“It is intellectually and morally dishonest to use the witness of the Church’s concern for the poor as an excuse to attack the Church’s teaching on the nature of marriage.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.

July 12, 2013

Big Sis Resigns (See Update)

Janet Napolitano has announced her resignation from the Department of Homeland Security “to take a job running the University of California education system.”

I would not be surprised if this (related items here, here, and here) is the real reason why.

Odds that the press will mention any of this: Virtually zero.


UPDATE: Comedy gold, received in an email —

Presente.org Welcomes Janet Napolitano’s Resignation from DHS

Statement by Arturo Carmona, Executive Director

“Presente.org welcomes the resignation of Janet Napolitano as head of the Department of Homeland Security. She will go into the halls of history as President Obama’s go to person for implementing the most repressive anti-Latino and anti-immigrant policies our nation has ever seen. This also presents an important opportunity for the Obama Administration to institute humane policies and stop the senseless deportations and separation of families once and for all.”


July 4, 2013

Rush Limbaugh’s Sobering Description of Where We Really Are

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From his Wednesday broadcast, as succinct a rundown of this administration’s lawlessness (to this point) as you’ll see anywhere, starting with the illegal delay of the ObamaCare employer mandate (bolds and some paragraph breaks added by me):

Now, if the president can decide, “We got a law here but, you know what, implementing it and enforcing it might not help me,” so if he can just delay Obamacare, what else could be delayed that he doesn’t like? Maybe all these new Border Patrol agents in the Hoeven-Corker amendment. Maybe they can be delayed, too, after the law has been signed into law. It can be enforced, delayed, or ignored on the whim of the presidency. What is the reason we go through the legislative process if, when it’s all over, the president can pick and choose what he’s going to allow and what he isn’t going to allow, what he’s going to permit and what he isn’t gonna permit, what he’s gonna implement and what he isn’t gonna implement. Why even go through the legislative process?

You know, we thought Egypt was a country in trouble. Obama just canceled the game. He didn’t want Obamacare to play out, so he canceled it, for now. He’ll play the game, we’ll go back to it when he’s got the Congress in his back pocket. Then he’ll reschedule the game.

I mean, folks, this is the stuff of banana republics. Laws have no meaning. You remember when the president said the Congress was in recess when they weren’t so he could appoint some people who otherwise couldn’t make it? Remember when he rolled the bondholders of General Motors when he took over the car companies? The bondholders are due money; they’re first in line to get paid. He called ‘em “greedy.” He told ‘em to get the hell out, to eat it for the country.

Remember when he refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act? The regime just decided, “You know what? We don’t like this bill, and we’re not gonna defend it in federal court.” Remember when he unilaterally granted amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. Just snapped his fingers, just did it. And, of course, his campaign spent millions falsely calling Mitt Romney a tax felon and a murderer.

But laws come and go at the pleasure of a corrupt regime. The IRS serves as the president’s goon squad. His cabinet secretaries buy off businesses and industries one by one. We don’t yet know what the NSA is doing at his behest and I don’t really know what degree of cooperation the Federal Reserve has with Obama. One thing we do know the Fed is doing is bailing out banks left and right.

The Fed dollars are bailing out and propping up rich people all over the place to the detriment of middle-class people. The dollar is becoming more and more worthless. The ability for a family in the middle class to accrue wealth is becoming harder and harder and harder. Sequester? Sequester was an excuse to punish the same people who already got roughed up by the TSA and the IRS. What kind of country do we have now?

At least the people of Egypt had the good sense to turn out in the streets and express displeasure with the way they were treated.

Well, here we are.

We have a long, long road to get back to anything resembling the country our Founders envisioned. I hope we’re up for it.

June 25, 2013

Rob Portman Wants to Hear From Me

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Consider this my response.

Ohio Senator Rob Portman wants to know which issues concern me most. Here are his selections:


Hmmm … anyone notice that some really, really big things are missing????

How about …


(Portman did vote against cloture on immigration yesterday. Ohio’s other Senator, Sherrod Brown, did not vote.)

How about …


(Oh, he just changed his mind on that, and doesn’t care what we think, even though Ohioans who voted for him in 2010 did so in part because of his support for traditional marriage.)

How about …


What I think is that Rob Portman doesn’t care what “Ohio voters” think. Note that I said “Ohio voters,” which is most assuredly not the same group as “Rob’s constituents.”

One-Stop Primer For Why Mass Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Is a Disaster

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Michelle Malkin: “Mass illegal alien amnesty violates our founding principles”

Yes it does.

Malkin has the best and most comprehensive compilation of arguments I’ve seen; her best tie straight back to the Constitution.

Read the whole thing. Memorize it if you can.