January 22, 2015

Those ‘Mythical’ No-Go Zones in Paris: NBC and NY Times Recognized Them a Decade Ago; TNR Writer Says They’re Still There

The leftist press’s truth squads apparently believe they have successfully intimidated any news organization which henceforth wants to be considered respectable from ever again referring to any Muslim-heavy enclave in Europe as a “no-go zone,” regardless of the facts and circumstances.

Snopes.com, the self-appointed, almost invariably left-driven debunker of supposed “urban legends,” doesn’t reach a specific conclusion, but the title of its post (“Caliph-Ain’t”) gives away their take. A Google search on “no go zones myth” (not in quotes) returns a slew of entries. Some of them include BusinessWeek, Talking Points Memo, the Atlantic, and MSNBC. The same search at Google News give us an additional self-satisfied item at the New York Times covering plans by Paris’s mayor to sue Fox News. Well, before the censors complete their end-zone dance, they need to explain away a few quite inconvenient items. I don’t believe they can.


January 20, 2015

Andrea Tantaros of Fox’s ‘The Five’: Kerry Should Have Brought Judy Collins to Sing ‘Send in the Clowns’

On Fox News’s “The Five” last week, the panel had some fun coming up with alternative songs and performers U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry could have employed in his visit to France last week.

The video which follows starts with Greg Gutfeld exposing how the song used — “You’ve Got a Friend” as delivered by James Taylor, who was having a hard time even keeping his microphone properly positioned — actually served to expose the Obama administration’s kiss-and-make-up hypocrisy. When they got around to song ideas, Bob Beckel, the panel’s resident hardened liberal, was less than pleased, exposed his ignorance of France’s foreign policy positions, and even contended that “there shouldn’t have been a rally (in Paris) in the first place.” At clip’s end, Andrea Tantaros came up with the best song suggestion, which, sadly, could properly be applied to the person delivering tonight’s State of the Union speech.


Poor Michael Moore: At NBC, ‘Sniper’ Supposedly ‘Ignites Debate About War Films’; Mentions Moore’s ‘Snipers Are Cowards’ Tweet and Failed Attempts to Back Away

The leftist presss is clearly having a problem with the runaway popularity of “American Sniper,” which just pulled in an estimated $105.3 million at the box office during the four-day holiay weekend.

Rather than just tell us that “Sniper” topped the charts this weekend and moving on to other matters, NBC’s Today Show chose to dwell on the film’s “message about war.” Sadly for one leftist “heavyweight,” the network exposed his hateful movie-relate passive-aggressive critique, even after he tried to back away from it yesterday.


Moore-related transcript:

… Over the weekend filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted: “My uncle killed by sniper in World War II. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot you in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes.”

There was instant backlash. On Facebook, Moore insisted he wasn’t talking about the movie. But then he did talk about it, saying, “It’s too bad director Clint Eastwood had his characters calling Iraqis ‘savages’ throughout the film.” He also complimented an “awesome performance from Bradley Cooper,” and what he called an “antiwar sentiment expressed in the movie.”

Too late, Mike.

Everybody knows that you originally wanted us to think that you saw Chris Kyle as a coward. Nothing you say or do will ever change that.

January 19, 2015

Pathetic: Both Michael Moore and Seth Rogen Pretend Their Tweets Didn’t Criticize ‘American Sniper’

Your truly noted yesterday (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog) how Michael Moore tweeted, in part, that “We were taught snipers were cowards.” Earlier today, Geoffrey Dickens at NewsBusters observed that Seth Rogen, whose “The Interview” movie was at least partially salvaged financially by freedom-of-speech supporters on the left and right who watched it online and in person in select areas, tweeted that “American Sniper kind of reminds me of the (Nazi propaganda) movie that’s showing in the third act of Inglorious Basterds.”

Tonight, both Moore and Rogen are in keister-covering walkback mode. Predictably, both are pretending that they didn’t imply and say what they really implied and said.


‘American Sniper’ Brings Out Leftist Bile; Michael Moore Calls Snipers ‘Cowards’

Originally posted at 1 a.m. and brought forward for greater visibility.


The popularity of “American Sniper,” the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, has “shocked” Hollywood. Estimates are that by the time the four-day Martin Luther King holiday weekend ends, the Clint Eastwood-directed film will gross over $100 million and smash records in several R-rated film categories.

That such a movie has been so well received, causing long waiting lines in both red and blue America, has already caused certain leftists to come unglued (examples here, here [warning: profane language] and here). Perhaps the most appalling reaction on the loony left has come from Michael Moore, who, without naming the film itself, described snipers as “cowards” in the following tweet:


January 18, 2015

Barely News: Islamic State Brutally Executing Gays and Adulterers

The nation's establishment press is virutally ignoring the existence of horrifying and officially approved Islamic State videos showing the executions of accused homosexuals and adulterers.

A search this morning at Google News on "Islamic State gay" (with "Islamic State" in quotes, showing duplicates) for items appearing since January 14 returned 83 results. Roughly 30 of them are directly relevant, and almost none are from U.S. establishment press outlets. As usual, the British tabloids and new media outlets are ahead of the game. Here are several paragraphs from the U.K. Daily Mail's coverage (bolds are mine):


January 17, 2015

The Musician (and Song) John Kerry Should Have Brought Over to France

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A friend told me that Andrea Tantaros of Fox News’s “The Five” had a better idea about who Secretary of State John Kerry should have brought over to France to sing a kiss-and-make-up song to (vainly) try to compensate for last Sunday’s failure to have any U.S. representation in the genuine million-person march in Paris. The artist and song suggestion follow the jump.

January 15, 2015

Bobby Jindal …

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gets it.

January 12, 2015

Latest PJ Media Column (‘Three Major December Media Misfires’) Is Up

It’s here.

It will go up on Wednesday morning here at BizzyBlog (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.


The three major misfires identified in the column relating to Joshua Williams, Lena Dunham, and the fake Kwanzaa parade in Los Angeles barely scratch the surface of media malfeasance in December.

The following additional items, all of which appeared or took place in last year’s final month, many of them in its final ten days after many outfits had issued their year-end good/bad lists, were arguably more blatant and deserving than all but two of the items the Columbia Journalism Review designated as “cringeworthy” blunders” of 2014 (as noted in the column, CJR was accurate in selecting the Rolling Stone-UVA gang rape fabrications and New York Magazine falling for the story of a kid who claimed to have made $72 million trading stocks):

  • Politico Magazine arguing the “everything is awesome” for President Obama (article; related NewsBusters post by Tim Graham). I didn’t know ISIS had stopped beheading people. Oh, that’s because they haven’t.
  • Vox.com completely making up and then having to retract its claim that December 21, 2014 would be the longest night ever. This is just one of 46 “f-ups” Kevin Draper at Deadspin identified on December 30. That 46 excludes unhinged opinion pieces like Max Fisher saying that asking Muslims to disavow terrorist acts is “bigoted and Islamophobic,” or Zach Beauchamp arguing that animals should have some citizenship rights. If we were to add those, the real total might be more like 460.
  • CNN including Brittany Maynard on its list of extraordinary persons of 2014. Maynard’s “extraordinary” accomplishment was participating in an assisted suicide — her own. This horrible lack of judgment at least partially explains the network’s awful year in the ratings.
  • The press’s repeated and deliberate promotion of the The “Hands-up! Don’t Shoot!” Myth about Michael Brown before his death in Ferguson, Missouri.
  • Ignoring the dishonesty of Howard Zucker, the Andrew Cuomo administration official who supported a fracking ban in New York to protect his family and his children, when he has neither.
  • Ignoring New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to get other politicians to condemn the NYPD while pretending to want reconciliation, and possibly even enlisting the New York Times, which issued a disgraceful editorial smearing Gotham’s police force last week, in that effort.
  • Fox News’s Shepard Smith and unhinged Washingtonian Eleanor Clift separately telling audiences that they hope that a thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations doesn’t ruin what they apparently think is currently an island paradise.
  • The press pretending that a December congressional report on the IRS scandal had nothing new. Horse manure. As the Daily Signal reported, “The nation’s tax chief decided not to tell Congress that the IRS was targeting conservative groups, an action that would have brought to light the misconduct before the 2012 election …
  • And last but certainly not least, the “26 Ways the Media Botched Their Reporting on the Latest Benghazi Report,” documented by Sharyl Attkisson at the Daily Signal.

Even this list leaves about a half-dozen genuine botches on the cutting room floor.

Confirming that Valerie Jarrett Is De Facto President

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White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, via PJ Media’s Bridget Johnson:

… when asked what President Obama was doing on Sunday, Earnest said he wasn’t prepared to answer that question. Yet at another point in the briefing the spokesman confirmed “the president watched on television” the march.

“I think it’s fair to say that we should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there,” Earnest said. “That said, there is no doubt that the American people and this administration stand foursquare behind our allies in France as they face down this threat and that was evident throughout last week when you saw that the president’s top counterterrorism adviser here at the White House was in touch with her French counterpart minutes after this — the reports of this terror attack first emerged.”

“…Had the circumstances been a little bit different, I think the president himself would have liked to have had the opportunity to be there.”

“We at the White House should have made a different decision,” he said later in the briefing. “This was not a decision made by the president.”

And he won’t say who did make the decision.

Geez, if Barack Obama as President of the United States doesn’t make important decisions like who is going to attend important functions with worldwide visibility, who does?

Here’s who:


NY Times Further Massages Woman’s Eyewitness Account at Paris Massacre

On Saturday, in a post titled “Political Correctness Kills in Paris, Terrifies Media,” Jeffrey Lord at NewsBusters cited how the New York Times, in covering the Charlie Hebdo massacre, deliberately changed a story subject’s quote from what it originally reported.

This post will show how the message massagers at the Times subsequently went another step further, attempting to convince readers that the subject’s statement quoted elsewhere isn’t what she said.


CNN’s Jake Tapper: ‘I Was Ashamed’ by U.S. Leaders’ Absence at Paris March

Reacting this morning to the non-presence of any U.S. official above this country’s ambassador at yesterday 1.5 million-plus-person solidarity march in Paris, CNN’s Jake Tapper pulled no punches.

In a commentary posted at the network’s web site, Tapper wrote that “as an American … I was ashamed.” He questioned how U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder “had time to do the Sunday shows via satellite but not to show the world that he stood with the people of France.” He also quipped that “episodes of The Good Wife’ on CBS” have had more Obama administration representation. Excerpts follow the jump.


January 11, 2015

U.S. High-Level Absence From Paris March Controversial — Except at AP

Thus far, the nation’s de facto news gatekeepers at the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, have utterly failed to address the growing worldwide controvery over the absence of U.S. representation above the ambassador level at Sunday’s solidarity march in Paris in the wake of Wednesday’s Charlie Hebdo massacre. Crowd estimates for the Paris march range from “hundreds of thousands” to over 1.5 million.

The New York Daily News is calling the absence of a top U.S. leader “a glaring exception,” and devoting its entire front page to telling our government that “You Let the World Down.” The UK Daily Mail is treating the situation as a snub, also observing that Attorney General Eric Holder “was in Paris for a terrorism summit held on the march’s sidelines, but he slipped away and made appearances on four American morning television talk shows just as the incredible rally was starting.” But Angela Charlton and Thomas Adamson at the AP, in report carrying a 7:07 p.m. ET time stamp (saved here for future reference, fair use and discussion purposes), apparently found nothing unusual in the U.S. non-presence:


Code Pink Gets Reuters Coverage — For a Protest Group of 20

The ability of tiny numbers of far-left fringe group demonstrators to get undue press attention virtually any time they want continues to be intensely annoying.

In mid-2007, Barack Obama made closing the prison at Guantanmo Bay a core promise of his 2008 campaign. That was 7-1/2 years ago. Obama has been in office six years. Gitmo is still open. So naturally, the aggrieved professional protesters at Code Pink organized a demonstration against Gitmo remaining active on yesterday’s 13th anniversary of the prison’s opening — at former Vice President Dick Cheney’s house. They got far more ink and bandwidth than they deserved from the press, including Reuters — i.e., far more than nothing.


January 10, 2015

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Calls Charlie Hebdo Terrorists ‘Activists’

The list of unhinged statements and rants coming from left-leaning journalists in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris is getting miles long.

Among them all, one especially sticks out. In one of the earliest retreats to twisted, gutless characterizations of the Charlie Hebdo terrorists, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, who is also ABC’s global affairs anchor, called them “activists.” Greg Gutfeld of Fox News commented on Amanpour’s annihilation of the English langauge and went after the “fear of (right-wing) backlash” mindset on Friday.