January 27, 2016

IBD Editorial Explains Consumer Bureau’s Auto Loan ‘Shakedown’ the Press Won’t Cover

Critics who warned at the time the odious Dodd-Frank law was passed in 2010 that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would become a rogue agency which would become a largely unaccountable behemoth on a mission to create problems where none exist could not have been more correct.

Sadly, searches on terms relevant to one of the agency’s latest controversies involving the distribution of funds in a two year-old auto-loan industry settlement indicate that only two media outlets have given it any attention; separately, a search at the Associated Press on the agency’s name also returns nothing relevant. Those two sources are the Daily Caller, whose January 21 story first reported that “White loan borrowers are collecting settlement proceeds … intended for black, Hispanic and Asian people,” and a Monday Investor’s Business Daily editorial. That’s it.


December 29, 2015

WSJ and WashPost’s Marcus Agree: Bill Clinton’s Sexual History ‘Is Fair Game’

Just one week after CNN’s Don Lemon shut down a guest who dared to raise the issue, there is now an agreement across the ideological spectrum that if Hillary Clinton is going to use her husband Bill as a campaign surrogate and go after her opponents’ real or imagined sexism, then, as the headline at liberal Ruth Marcus’s Monday evening Washington Post column says, “Bill Clinton’s sordid sexual history is fair game.”

Meanwhile, a Wall Street Journal editorial, while citing Marcus’s column, agrees: “if Mrs. Clinton wants everyone to forget about Bill’s harassment of women, she ought to stop playing the sexism card, or drop Bill as surrogate, or both.”Marcus clearly struggles to remain intellectually honest before ultimately admitting what should be obvious (bolds are mine throughout this post):


December 16, 2015

That Does It: Links to ‘Profiles in Cowardice’ (The Truth About Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick)

According to Hollywood Reporter (HT NewsBusters), there’s a script in Hollywood for a proposed movie called Chappaquiddick.

Chappaquiddick_Kennedy_Car_25The director’s objective is to have viewers “see what [Senator Ted Kennedy] had to go through” during those fateful days in July 1969.

Any other person in America would have been charged with manslaughter. Ted Kennedy got away with manslaughter 46 years ago. To see his behavior portrayed sympathetically and turned into a movie which will then threaten to become the definitive historical record should be too much for any sane person to handle.

Accordingly, I have uploaded the text files from “A Profile in Cowardice” I retrieved many years ago (Warning: Readers will have to click the links from here or edit the URLs themselves to get to them, i.e., internal links at the web pages don’t work) —

(Note: The Epilog promised that a chapter on the inquest was to come, but I don’t believe it ever did.)

Sadly, the links don’t include the original graphics and maps, but readers shouldn’t need them to understand the horrible things Ted Kennedy and those who protected him said and did for the sole purpose of protecting and preserving his political career, for which he and they escaped any meaningful accountability — at least in this life.

If the movie gets produced and released, I intend to compare its content against “A Profile in Cowardice” in detail.

I also intend to include links to “A Profile in Cowardice” in future annual August 25 Ted Kennedy remembrances.

October 24, 2015

AP’s Bauder Enlists As An Accomplice to the Cinematic Fraud of ‘Truth’

The press has consumed many barrels of ink and gigs of bandwidth providing free promotion for the eminently misnamed movie Truth, thus far virtually for naught.

On Thursday, the Associated Press’s David Bauder did his part to generate interest by pretending, despite obviously forged documents and a virtually complete lack of anything resembling corroborating evidence, that what Dan Rather and Mary Mapes reported in 2004 about George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service might, as those two miscreants formerly employed by CBS still insist, be accurate.


October 17, 2015

As ‘Truth’ Debuts, NY Times Coverage of Story’s History Contains Little of It

As I noted on Friday, the New York Times has become the de facto head cheerleader for Truth, the movie which purports to tell the story behind CBS News’s 60 Minutes report on President George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service in the early 1970s aired in September 2004.

The Old Gray Lady has hosted a TimesTalk video in which one of the film’s lead actors, Robert Redford as Dan Rather, claims that the movie gives the offending journalists “their day in court.” (Trust me, Bob. The last place they want to be is in a real courtroom; Rather found that out the hard way several years ago.) The paper’s Stephen Holden has reviewed the movie, finding it “a gripping, beautifully executed journalistic thriller.” As if that’s not enough, on Wednesday, John Koblin’s “news story” covering the “Rathergate” saga allowed the Truthers, so to speak, to continue to make claims, even about the related obviously fraudulent documents they used, which simply don’t hold up.


October 16, 2015

Megan McArdle: ‘A Marshmallow Planet’ More Likely Than Finding Truth in ‘Truth’

The disgraceful determination of Hollywood to rewrite history not favorable to the left, its causes and its personalities has perhaps reached its nadir with the laughably misnamed movie Truth.

The film is about Dan Rather’s September 2004 60 Minutes report on President George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard Service during the 1970s. In Rather’s words, “The nuanced, not preachy, script makes clear our report was true.” The script may say that, but the historical record doesn’t. On October 2, John H. Hinderaker and Scott W. Johnson’s writeup detailing how bogus that report was from top to bottom appeared online at The Weekly Standard. Reading that essay in its entirely is undoubtedly important; but in this case, so is ridicule. Megan McArdle at Bloomberg View supplied that back in July.


August 24, 2015

Miami Herald Columnist: ‘All Lives Matter’ Preference of the Vast Majority of Americans of All Races Is ‘Moral Cowardice’

Columnist Leonard Pitts may not have caught wind of Thursday’s Rasmussen poll before he wrote the column published Saturday at the Miami Herald. Perhaps he still doesn’t realize that Rasmussen reported that 64 percent of blacks and 78 percent of likely U.S. voters overall say that “All lives matter” is closer to their own views than “Black lives matter.”

In his column, Pitts accused what turns out to be a vast majority of Americans of all races of “moral cowardice” for holding that view. In doing so, he gave the (white guy George Soros-funded, co-led by a guy who his family says he is white) ”Black Lives Matter” movement an undeserved pass for the radical lunacy it promotes to this day, while he absurdly argued that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. himself would likely be behind that movement (bolds are mine throughout this post):


August 22, 2015

LA Times Reporter: CMP’s Anti-Planned Parenthood Vids Are Like ‘Discredited’ Swiftvets ‘Smear’

Well, this was inevitable. On the same day that the Center for Medical Progress exposed the CEO of former Planned Parenthood partner StemExpress laughing “about shipping whole baby heads,” a reporter at the Los Angeles Times, in what I have beeen told is a front-page story, has compared CMP’s video campaign exposing the commerce in baby body parts to the 2004 Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth’s campaign. The Swift Boat Vets’ effort successfully exposed Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s serial lies about his service in Vietnam and his smearing of Vietnam veterans as war criminals after he returned.

Times reporter Maria L. La Ganga joined the paper in 1981, and “has served as San Francisco bureau chief, edited in the Business section and pitched in on five presidential elections.” Even if one of those five elections wasn’t 2004, and even if she didn’t dig into conflicting claims over whether Kerry truly earned the Vietnam War medals he received, it’s virtually inconceivable that she doesn’t know about his frequently stated “Christmas in Cambodia” lie.


July 29, 2015

O’Reilly Discusses ‘Black Lives Matter’ Funding, Including Supporters Jay-Z and Beyoncé

On his Tuesday night show, with the help of Kelly Riddell of the Washington Times, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News described how the “Black Lives Matter” movement sustains itself. The rest of the press wants readers, listeners and viewers to presume that it is a self-sustaining, grass-roots movement. It isn’t.

O’Reilly also noted that megastars Jay-Z and Beyoncé, numbers 28 and 29, respectively, on the Forbes list of top-paid celebrities, are supporting the movement, which describes itself as “grass-roots” but is really the ultimate in Astroturf. Also at the end of this post, following up on one I did on ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith last week, I have posted Smith’s original six-minute radio-show rant on how selective and tyrannical the movement is.


June 27, 2015

Press Ignores Sheldon Whitehouse’s Call For DOJ to Sue ‘Vast’ Global Warming ‘Denial Apparatus”

While the press looks to twist even the most innocuous statements made by Republicans and conservatives into something scandalous or outrageous (e.g., Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women“), they routinely ignore intemperate remarks by leftist politicians and activists. If known, they would likely damage the credibility and public perception of those making such statements. Of course, the left-dominated media can’t abide by that. So they censor it.

One recent example involves Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Despite the unexplained and unexpected 18-year pause in global warming, the senator is convinced that the world as we know it will end without draconian measures to reduce carbon pollution and keep the earth from turning into a ball of fire. One of the strategies on his wish list is suing climate skeptics into poverty and silence.


June 19, 2015

AP History of Attacks on Black Churches Shows No Previous Murders in Over 50 Years

While emphasizing that it’s (supposedly) only a partial list, it appears that the Associated Press felt compelled today to try to claim that there’s a long and recent history of murderous racist attacks on black churches (or predominantly black churches) in the U.S.

Somehow, the wire service forgot that a genuine trend needs to continue uninterrupted or at least some consistency before it can legitimately be called a trend. What AP’s list really shows is how out of the ordinary the horrible massacre allegedly committed by 21 year-old Dylann Roof on Wednesday in Charleston, South Carolina really was. AP’s list might have been far more enlightening, fair and balanced if had included other recent murderous attacks at U.S. churches of all types. As far as I can tell from the list which follows, until the Charleston massacre, there had not been a congregant murdered in a black church since 1963, over a half-century ago.


June 17, 2015

Juan Williams: Blacks’ Support For Voter ID ‘Amazing’; Voter Fraud Is ‘Vanishingly Rare’

Poor Juan Williams. So occasionally correct, as when he wrote forcefully on the damage done by an urban culture which has made so many black children “believe that excelling in math and science is ‘acting white.’”

But he’s also so often egregiously wrong, perhaps never moreso than in his Monday column at the Hill. Williams is astonished that a recent poll, consistent with others, shows that over two-thirds of blacks support a photo identification requirement for voting. In the process, he cited perhaps the dumbest statistic I’ve ever seen on the topic, misrepresented a 2013 Supreme Court decision, and failed to understand that blacks may end up being most adversely affected if voter fraud ever become widespread.


June 6, 2015

Potted Plants: Husband and Wife Called ‘Everyday Americans’ at Hillary Clinton Event Really a Democratic Party ‘Power Couple’

Ruby Cramer, “a political reporter for BuzzFeed News … based in New York,” was on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton two weeks ago in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Ms. Cramer was outraged at how “two actual everyday Americans” were “crushed” by the horde of reporters who attempted to ask Mrs. Clinton real questions. What Cramer reported the couple said during the course of the “press scrum” was more than a little suspicious. Gary and Lenore Patton may be very nice people, but the idea that they are “everyday Americans” trying to keep up with politics seemed absurd. They fooled Cramer, who in turn fooled longtime Clinton apparatchik Lanny Davis, who moaned about the press’s “frenzy” in an awful column at the Hill I will address on Sunday.


May 31, 2015

AP’s Borenstein Notes No Hurricanes for 9 Years; Didn’t Global Warming Alarmists Say There’d Be More?

In a report on the relative infrequency of hurricanes in the U.S. during the past decade nationwide, and many decades in certain coastal areas, the Associated Press’s Seth Borenstein detected a problem.

The problem is that those who contend that human-caused global warming is ruining our planet believe that hurricane frequency should be increasing, but it’s not. So Borenstein tried to cover his tracks (bolds are mine throughout this post):


David Brooks: ‘Obama Has Run An Amazingly Scandal-Free Administration’

One doesn’t know what to do with the rubbish which follows beyond noting it and hoping that the ridicule which results will somehow and in some way have some kind of impact.

Despite 6-1/2 years of horrid governance and dozens of acknowledged scandals, several of which a few of the credible remaining outposts of liberal thought have agreed are scandals, David Brooks, the New York Times’s resident fake conservative, asserted on Friday’s PBS NewsHour, as if it’s an indisputable fact, that “President Obama has run an amazingly scandal-free administration, not only he himself, but the people around him.”